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Your Casa Danu Gift

Although our journeys might be different, I know, first hand, what it feels like to get that life-altering diagnosis and undergo the ravages of treatment. During that time, I felt like I lost a part of myself - my spark, my vibrancy, and very much my body. I longed for something, anything, to make me feel beautiful and full of life again. Something joyful and stylish, but still incredibly comfortable. And that’s how Casa Danu was born. 

I’d love for you to have your very own Casa Danu piece, in the hopes that it reminds you that the gorgeous, fiery, and chic-as-heck version of you is still in there…and that yes, you can keep going, because what you are doing is incredible. 

Below, please select your top two preferences. I’ll do my best to make sure you get one of the two, and if those are unavailable, I’ll reach out with an alternative. I can’t wait to see you in your Casa Danu!



Scroll down to complete the request form and view the selection of Casa Danu products.

Gigi Caftan

Our Gigi Caftan is offered in S, M, and L. It is generous in fit, but not overwhelming. You can expect our Small to fit a normal XS-M, our Medium to fit a normal M-L, and our Large to fit a normal L-XXL. We generally recommend sizing down. 

Kiki Kimono

Our Kiki Kimono is offered in XS-XL. It has a tie at the waist, allowing you to cinch or expand it based on your needs. We generally recommend sizing down.

Ginger Relaxed Button Down

Our Ginger Relaxed Button Down is offered in XS-XL. It has a loose fit & fits generally true-to-size. If you want a more relaxed, oversized look, we recommend sizing up.

Ginger Pant

Our Ginger Pant is offered in XS-XL. It has an elastic waistband, a wide-leg, and generally fits true-to-size.

1 garment donated for every 1 sold

Sustainably + Ethically Made

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