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Our Story

Casa Danu is a bright, beautiful gem that emerged from a traumatic, yet ultimately, transformational experience.

In January 2020, at 6.5 months pregnant with our first child, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Queue 10 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, reconstruction, and a number of infections & surgeries that left me in the hospital or bedridden. All while also giving birth, having a newborn, and being a mom for the first time…during a global pandemic. 

I was left feeling drained and as if I was a shadow of my true, vibrant self. I ached to feel beautiful, bright, & joyful. I wanted to wear clothes that were not just comfortable, but that made me feel fabulous and full of life. 

Casa Danu was born out of this inner desire.

I don't think you have to go through cancer to want to wear clothes that lift you up, bring joy into your life, and remind you of how fabulous you actually are, and my hope is that Casa Danu does exactly that.

Thank you & I am so excited to have you be part of the colorful world of Casa Danu!


Kristen, Casa Danu Founder