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Think Caftans are just for the beach or once you have reached your Golden Girls status? Once upon a time, I thought so too, but I was so, so wrong! Over the past few years, I have discovered that the Caftan is the most magical garment - a portal to my most fabulous life. I throw one on and instantly feel transported to a chaise lounge in some exotic hotel, sipping a martini, just living my life to its FULLEST (even if I am in my closet in Atlanta). 

What if I told you you could feel that same way too? And, that there are SO many reasons to wear a Caftan beyond the beach or vacation? I’ve got you covered with 4 occasions that you should be wearing a Caftan right now and some fun and easy tips on how to style your Caftan to feel your most luxurious and exuberant self. What are you waiting for? Pour yourself a cocktail and come join me on that chaise, why don’t you?

Weekend Lounging

I love nothing more than a good Sunday afternoon lounge - cozied up in my favorite chair, an oolong steeping by my side, and my nose in a great book. My husband has taken our son to the park, the house is empty and I am beholden to no one. This is a no-makeup, no-shoes, hair-up kind of moment— the kind of moment where I absolutely lose myself and before I know it, hours have passed. Who knows, I might even take a little snooze…what a luxury! 

Instead of staying in my pajamas or sweats, I throw on a caftan, slip into my fanciest slippers, get my coziest blanket, and just create my own little nest. I invite you to schedule yourself a little luxury nest date -

A product recommendation roundup including a Moroccan couch, book, tea sampler, hair pin, woman in an emerald green caftan, black feathered slippers, and a tufted pillow made of natural fibers

Friday Night Cocktails

Whether spritzing alfresco or trying the latest concoction at that buzzy new place everyone is talking about, caftans and cocktails go together like leopard print and well…anything. They are just meant to be. There is no “trying” when you slip on that caftan and float over to your friends. You are effortlessly the chicest thing to ever walk in that building. Throw on those fun oversized earrings, pick up that funky little clutch you picked up on your latest trip, and just see where the night takes you…

A product recommendation roundup featuring a green marbled clutch, iridescent martini glasses, a woman wearing a fuchsia caftan, gold chandelier earrings with green beads, gold wedge sandals, and a gold necklace with different stone pendants

Zoom Meeting

If you think I am crazy, I assure you I am not. I’ve been through it all - dresses, pantyhose & heels, power suits, boring-as-hell sets (please don’t ever let me see a charcoal blazer, pencil skirt, and pink button-down again), business casual (what does that even mean?) and last but not least, my pajamas during the pandemic. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure why we need to wear soul-sucking, same as everyone else clothes, just because we happen to be working. Why not wear something that screams joy across that screen we stare at all day? Why not show off your true style to your colleagues, while being insanely comfortable? Why not just have a little fun? Go on- I dare you :)

When I am zooming (that’s a word, right?) I like to pair my Caftan with some fun slippers (who cares, no one can see them!) and some easy jewelry. Since doing this more often, I have decided I want my environment to match how fabulous I feel. So, this year is the year I upgrade my home office (aka guest room) with beautiful pieces of furniture and art. No need for those fuzzy backgrounds anymore!

A product recommendation roundup featuring a woman wearing a cobalt blue caftan, a blue, orange and cream painting, a burl wood desk, dark pink slippers, olive green swivel chair, desk lamp, and a zodiac pendant necklace

Dinner Party

Ina Garten and Elizabeth Taylor had a baby and they are naming it after you :) There is NO more perfect excuse to don your Caftan than hosting your nearest and dearest at your abode for an evening of amazing food, great drinks (clearly), good jams, and tons of laughter. If you love to cook, awesome. If it fills you with dread/stress, I am ALL about ordering take-out and just putting it out on fancy plates (channeling Mrs. Doubtfire, anyone?). To embody my fabulous hostess vibe, I slip into my Caftan, stack some of my favorite bracelets I have collected over the years (I am hoping to acquire some of these amazing Yearly Co. beauties soon), don a statement necklace, wear some fun, yet comfortable heels, and let the tabletop speak for itself. 

I hope this gives you an excuse to invite some people over this month, let loose, and find yourself having a dance party in your living room at midnight. Just make sure to send me an invite!

A product recommendation roundup featuring a natural woven tablemat, blue and green tablecloth and napkins, a woman in a tile print caftan, a pearl and pink stone necklace, colored glassware, and a woman wearing gold bangle bracelets

There you have it! 4 great excuses to wear a Caftan!. I hope you are feeling inspired and now have the perfect reasons to don a Caftan (hint: any damn time you well please), as well as some fun ways to style your Caftan. 

If you are ready to start embracing your innermost glamourpuss ASAP but your Caftan collection is lacking, I’ve got you covered with our amazing Gigi Caftan. It took 2 years to develop to ensure it was PERFECTION - a silhouette that is flowy, yet flattering (no tents here!), looks great loose or belted, and it is made up of the softest, most buttery fabric that will ever touch your skin….and did I mention it is machine washable

You can get 15% off your first order by subscribing to my Caftanista Newsletter, which is chock full of goodies!  Just click below and you will be well on your way to fabulous city, population - you :) 

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