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Known for its stunning pink-sand beaches and laid-back vibes, Harbour Island is the perfect Caftanista getaway for so many reasons. It effortlessly combines luxury and comfort and is the absolute opposite of stuffy (because who needs that?). The minute you step off the plane, you will shed any stress of the daily grind back at home and immediately settle into your most relaxed, fabulous life. My husband and I just returned from the most magical long weekend there and I couldn't wait to share all of my favorites with you - gotta spread the Harbour Island love! 

Below, you will find Casa Danu's Ultimate Harbour Island Travel Guide, where I have curated the best recommendations so you don't have to worry about a thing! Just book a flight, pack your bags, and get yourself there. I promise, you won't be dissapointed.

How to get to Harbour Island

A sign that reads "Welcome to Harbour Island, Home of Friendly People"
The welcome sign does not lie!​​

One of the best things about Harbour Island is that it is SO easy to get to, especially if you are on the East Coast of the U.S. We flew from Atlanta directly to North Eleuthera airport (a ~2 hour flight). The airport is basically a little beach shack with a runway - small and easy. Even the immigration process makes you feel relaxed....which said no one EVER about an immigration process. Once you are through immigration, you can grab a taxi, which are readily available once you exit, and take a two-minute drive to the dock, where a water taxi will be waiting for you. The water taxi is a 5-10 minute, breathtaking, ride to Harbour Island and costs $5 per person. With two shakes of a lamb's tail, you are in HEAVEN. The whole thing was so easy that it made me question why the hell we don't go there every weekend.

You can also easily fly into Nassau, which is just a one-hour ride away by ferry.  Or, if you are feeling fancy schmancy, you can charter a private boat or yacht to Harbour Island (just don't forget to invite me).

Once you arrive on Harbour Island, or "Briland," as the locals call it, you can take a taxi or golf cart to your hotel, or do as we did and just walk! 

What to pack for Harbour Island

Caftans, caftans, and more caftans! Seriously though, I wore a caftan (either as a cover-up during the day or with some fun statement jewels at night) every single day I was there. This place was made for caftan lovers. I wore our Casa Danu Gigi Caftan in both the Dolce Vita Print and the Emerald and got so many compliments wherever I went. If caftans aren't your thing (no judgment), all you really need are a few bathing suits, a cover-up, a pair of white jeans/shorts, some of your favorite tops, and a few dresses. You of course can bring your favorite sunhat, but I instead recommend you head over to A&A Treasures on the island and pick up a hand-woven beauty, which you can even have monogrammed!

Although there is a certain refinement about the island, it is also incredibly laid back and welcoming. You can easily get away with traveling with just a carry-on. Just keep it easy, breezy, and fun!

A brown haired woman wearing a bright pink blouse, white jeans and large cross necklace. She is looking in the mirror and standing in front of a 4 poster bed.
Rocking my Casa Danu Theia Blouse in Fuchsia ​​
A brown-haired woman is standing in an open-air atrium, wearing a tile-print caftan and looking at the camera
A girl can never go wrong with a Casa Danu Gigi ​​Caftan

Where to stay on Habour Island

Although the island is small, it has some really fabulous hotels and resorts for you to choose from. If you love smaller, unique properties that are relaxed, but still luxurious, Harbour Island is for you. If you need a big, all-inclusive resort with a ton of amenities, I advise you go elsewhere :) 

We decided to stay at one of the most well-known and beloved hotels on the island, The Landing, and I couldn't recommend it more. The Landing is in Dunmore Town, the main town, but is only a 5-minute walk to the pristine, pink sand beach. The hotel is Bahamian owned and is located in a beautiful, incredibly preserved historic building from 1800. The thirteen guest rooms were designed and inspired by India Hicks (Princess Di's goddaughter, who has famously made Harbour Island her home), and are immaculately decorated in a way that just is pure understated luxury. 

On top of the great location and lovely rooms, what we loved most about The Landing were the incredible people and just how intimate and cozy it felt. Tina and her team at the front desk are not only amazing at making sure you are totally taken care of, but they are also absolutely hilarious. We would stop in a few times a day and just end up chatting and laughing. When we checked in, Tina gave us the lay of the land, but then told us we just needed to explore and "find our flow." I could not think of better advice. We will definitely be returning.

A tropical island street with a historic building on the right hand side featuring an image of a woman with an afro
The Landing's Iconic Image​​
Three small boats docked in pristine turquoise blue ocean water with a dock on the left hand side
The view of the bay from The Landing's balcony​​

The Landing was perfect for us as it was just my husband and myself, but if we bring our son and/or a group of family and friends to Harbour Island, I would definitely consider checking out one of the slightly larger, beachfront hotels. The Dunmore Beach Hotel and the Pink Sands Resort, with their cottages and villas, would be absolutely ideal for a family or larger group. Both offer the perfect combo of luxury and comfort, with the extra room and amenities that would be nice for a family.

How to Get Around on Harbour Island

Another amazing thing about Harbour Island - no car is needed! Everyone gets around on golf carts, which you can easily rent through your hotel or through one of the services on the island. We can't wait to bring our son to Harbour Island, as we know he will absolutely love this part! P.S. - I'm pretty sure my husband loved it just as much as my toddler will ;) 

A red and black golf cart with avocado stickers
Quirky and fun golf ​​carts abound

What to do on harbour Island

An empty and beautiful pink-sand beach with turquoise and blue water
Stunning and nearly empty beaches - heaven!​​

NOTHING! I'm kidding....kind of :) My ideal vacay includes sleeping in, having a leisurely coffee and breakfast, posting myself up at the beach with easy access to tropical cocktails, coming back to the hotel for a quick power nap and refresh, having a fabulous dinner, and maybe some after-dinner drinks and then rinse and repeat the next day. Harbour Island fit my vacation needs to a T. The famous 3-mile stretch of pink sand beach is not only stunning but is also refreshingly uncrowded (just don't go during Spring Break). Each hotel has its own setup at the beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas and there are some great oceanfront bars & restaurants that you can pop into. It's just heaven - enough said.

A brown haired woman wearing a blue leopard print cover-up sitting on a chaise lounge on a pink-sand beach drinking a tropical cocktail
Take me back!​​
A brown haired woman walking on a deserted pink-sand beach, wearing a blue leopard print cover-up and carrying a bright red beach bag
The Landing gives you these great beach bags to use​​

If unlike me, you aren't a beach barnacle, and you need a little bit more action on your vacation, Harbour Island and the surrounding islands totally deliver. The island is protected by a unique reef that keeps the water an incredibly clear turquoise and is perfect for snorkeling. If you are PADI certified (or looking to get certified), Valentines Dive Center offers fantastic dive tours to go deeper into the ocean where you can check out shipwrecks, coral reefs, and underwater cavesConch & Coconut is the go-to tour operator for island or boat tours (they have a ton of options), and we will definitely be booking their Briland by Sea tour (swimming with cute pigs, yes please!) next time.

Whether you are beach bumming it or taking in Harbour Island's incredible natural bounty, I promise you, you will never want to leave. 

Where to eat and Drink on harbour island

For such a tiny island, there are a number of insanely delicious restaurants. Food and cocktails are two of my main love languages, so I promise not to steer you wrong here. 

First, you MUST go to Arthur's Bakery for coffee and breakfast. It's this cute little corner bakery, where everything is made fresh every morning and the pastries are out of this world. Arthur's is an awesome gathering spot for the local community, and everyone makes you feel welcome when you are there. Robert Arthur, the owner, personally welcomes customers and has an uncanny ability to remember everyone who comes in. During our stay, we tried many of their pastries, their breakfast plate, and their breakfast sandwich. All were fantastic. If you are looking for something a little more upscale, The Restaurant at The Landing has an outstanding breakfast. If you go, please, for the love of god, get the ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter and banana. Don't ask questions, just do it. You will thank me. 

A three tiered cappuccino in a glass with a spoon on a striped tablecloth
Arthur's cappuccino​​
A rooster sitting on a planter with green and yellow leaves around him
There are roosters and chickens all over the island (in a cute, not annoying way). Here is our breakfast buddy ​​at Arthur's

For lunch and beachside drinks, Ms V's Beach Shack is one of Harbour Island's true gems. It is exactly what it sounds like - a cute little beach shack that serves up conch fritters, fish burgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. and, in my opinion, some of the best drinks on the island. Ms. V's Goombay Smash (the unofficial drink of the Bahamas, which is similar to a Rum Punch) is near perfection. However, the real dark horse is Ms V's Ginger Margarita. Ms V uses fresh pressed ginger juice and lets it steep with the tequila and margarita mix until it is perfectly tart, refreshing, and incredibly potent. I give you a fair warning - more than 1.5 of these will likely have you passed out on the beach for hours. 

A woman with dark skin and blonde hair standing against a yellow and grey striped beach shack called Ms V
You are looking at the face of a tropical cocktail legend​​
A brown haired woman in a black, plunging one piece swimsuit, smiling at the camera, drinking a margarita
2 Ginger Margaritas down- watch out!​​

No Harbour Island Travel Guide would be complete without mentioning  Queen Conch, one of the most popular restaurants on the island. This laid-back eatery offers some of the best conch fritters around, but also offers a wide variety of other seafood dishes, including cracked conch, conch chowder, lobster, and fish. Wash it all down with a Kalik beer and I promise you will be a happy camper!

For pre-dinner drinks, the bar at The Landing is my absolute favorite. It is a snug little bar with the best atmosphere and incredible cocktails. The whole bar is no bigger than a postage stamp and is a deep, rich pink from floor to ceiling, making you feel like you are in a little jewel box. I want to move into this bar and live in it forever. If you are looking for a sunset cocktail, then head to the aptly named Sunsets Restaurant & Bar at the Romora Bay Resort and Marina, where they have live music every night. 

A glass of champagne on a wooden bar with a palm frond in the background
A brown haired woman and man, sitting comfortably on a couch in a room with bright pink walls
The Landing Bar - I'm ready to move in​​

We loved every dinner we had during our stay on Harbour Island. Each meal felt  special and like such a treat - everything you want while on a vacation.  The Clubhouse at the Dunmore had this super-chic, 60's vibe and the food was absolutely delicious. We did the Ricotta & Beets, the special Shrimp Pasta, the Coconut Cheesecake, and, of course, some yummy champagne. It was tre- romantic. The Rock House was equally as tasty, but what made it unique is that it has a hidden little courtyard where they do live music every Friday and Saturday evening. Next time we visit, we will definitely be checking out Davine Wine & Sushi, which was repeatedly recommended to us by both locals and long-time visitors to the island.

Finally, if you are up for some late-night shenanigans, Gusty's and Daddy D's are well known Harbour Island establishments - quirky little holes in the wall where you can dance into the night! Don't expect anything fancy - just some strong drinks, great people, and a killer dancefloor! What more do you need?

Where to Shop on Harbour Island

Despite its small size, Harbour Island has some pretty great shopping options. As I already mentioned, A&A Hidden Treasures is a must for handmade straw goods and other fantastic souvenirs to bring home with you. I got a marvelous wide-brimmed straw hat as well as a woven clutch with my initials monogrammed on it. Just note, if you want some of the more elaborate embroideries, you need to place your order 3 days in advance, so make sure to stop here early on your trip! If you don't find what you need at A&A, the Dilly Dally Store has some great souvenirs to bring back to any little ones waiting at home. 

For more upscale shopping, the Sugar Mill (owned & curated by the aforementioned, incredibly stylish India Hicks) has a fabulous collection of dreamy resort wear, including caftans, maxi dresses, palazzo pants, swimwear, and coverups. These are the types of pieces that you will be hard-pressed to find somewhere else and will become favorites in your closet. The Pink Sands and Coral Sands resorts both have fantastic boutiques where you will find high-end jewelry, apparel, and gifts that will be sure to transport you back to Harbour Island every time you wear them.

So, have you booked your HArbour island flight yet?

There you have it, your ultimate Harbour Island Travel Guide! If you aren't ready to hop on a plane right now, I am not sure we can be friends :) JK, but seriously, Harbour Island, with its laid-back luxury vibes, perfect and uncrowded beach, incredibly friendly people, and amazing food & drink is a dream destination all around! If you end up planning a trip there and have any questions OR if you have been and have more recommendations, don't hesitate to reach out to me in the comments below or on Instagram @CasaDanu.

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